Preparing for Network Field Day

Travel over the past few months including a recent two week stint overseas has left me little time to deeply prepare for what is to come over the next couple of days.  As a first time delegate to an event that is consistently packed with nfd-logo1the finest network minds around I certainly feel a bit apprehensive.  I have met a fair few of the delegate panel over the last few years at various Networking events,  but I am still the n00b in a distinguished and elite crowd.

Nerves be damned, I’m very excited to attend and get started Thursday where I will get a first look at some exciting new products and technologies.  I have spent some time this week reading up on the many vendors that will be presenting, as well as their competitors in their respective spaces.

One company in particular that I am excited to hear from that recently came out of stealth mode is Forward Networks.  I met CTO Brandon Heller at Future:Net a few months back and I’m looking forward to see what this startup who have been guided by Martin Casado (Openflow) and the a16z team will bring that could change the face of Networking once again.

Field Day Disclosure

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